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Shearings & National Holidays
United Kingdom
Shearings Coaches; Grand tourer & National Holidays brands
Fleet numberReg. plateCarrierModelChassisBuiltFirst registeredVINBody numberAdditional info
NH16 SEHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHD03.201603.2016WEB63241523000642National Holidays
P6 CYSVarious carriersPlaxton PremiereVolvo04.199704.1997YV31MA611VA0470379712VUP6481Percy's Travel of Oxford.
P320 VWRShearings & National HolidaysOn loan to National Holidays by Wallace Arnold
Various carriersWallace Arnold
685 CLCVarious carriersSetra S415GT-HD04.201004.2010WKK63213123109589Crawley Luxury Coches
2018 (?)
26NH10 BSHShearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays of Wigan.
160BU18 YTPShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz New Tourismo M/2 16 RHD-206.201806.2018WEB41055523001326Shearings Holidays of Wigan
BF10 VCVVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD04.201004.2010WKK63213423109738Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
225Shearings & National Holidays
TJZ 3881Various carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo03.200203.2002YV3R9H4191A00022133669MD Coaches, Tandragee, Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland
Newcastle Coach Hire, Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.
403MV02 UMCShearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays
477NH63 HYHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213123115334National Holidays of Wigan.
488NH14 LBHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD03.201403.2014WKK63213123115345National Holidays of Wigan.
518BU13 ZTKShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD03.201303.2013WKK63213423114630
531NH13 BWHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD03.201303.2013WKK63213123114562114562National Holidays
631BX63 BFAShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213423115586Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
635BT63 GCUShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213423115354Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
733BN15 WXVShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63247523000428Shearings of Wigan.
744BF15 XPVShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD03.201505.2015WEB63247523000439
776NH15 BCHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63241523000393National Holidays of Wigan.
779NH15 ECHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63241523000396National Holidays of Wigan
911BN17 JTUShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD04.201704.2017WEB63247523000981Shearings Holidays of Wigan
918BN17 JUEShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD05.201705.2017WEB63247523000988
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