United Kingdom United Kingdom, Van Hool T9 Alizée № L222 SGB
United Kingdom, LondonElizabeth Street
Author: AndrejsB                   Date: 15 February 2013

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Published: 26.03.2020 16:58
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Van Hool T9 Alizée, № L222 SGB

Country:United Kingdom United Kingdom
Carrier:National Express
Make:Van Hool
Model:Van Hool T9 Alizée
Current condition:operating
Body number:37049
First registered:05.2003
Additional info:Durbin of Patchway | South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach
Until 11.2007 — L333 SGB

EXIF metadata

Camera model:NIKON D80
Editing software:PhotoScape
Date and time of photo:15.02.2013 15:54:50
Exposure:1/200 s
ISO sensitivity:450
Focal distance:31 mm
Equivalent focal lenght:46 mm

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26.03.2020 16:10
Photos: 1021 · Photo Author · Photo moderator / General content editor / Non-author's photo moderator
Finally made 99% of this profile, with all of their error and on purpose number plate changes and transfers. VIN is correct, Body is correct, transfers are correct now.
Unsure about: "37049, Go-Ahead West Midlands, 2007" what is 100% related to this VIN.
Any updates or ideas?  
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