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Shearings & National Holidays
United Kingdom
Open: 1919  ·  Closed: 05.2020
Shearings Coaches; Grand Tourer & National Holidays brands
Fleet numberReg. plateCarrierModelChassisBuiltFirst registeredVINBody numberAdditional info
NH16 KEHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHD201603.2016WEB63241523000636
NH18 FGHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz New Tourismo M/2 16 RHD-2Mercedes-Benz06.201806.2018WEB41055523001298
NH16 SEHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHD03.201603.2016WEB63241523000642National Holidays
NH18 PGHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz New Tourismo M/2 16 RHD-2201806.2018WEB41055523001320
NH15 CCHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHD201503.2015WEB63241523000394
T522 EUBTarget TravelPlaxton PremiereVolvo199904.1999YV31MA617XC0611589912VUP0522Target Travel (Dealtop) of Plymouth
Various carriersClassic Coaches of County Durham
Shearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays of Wigan
Wallace ArnoldWallace Arnold of Leeds
P6 CYSVarious carriersPlaxton PremiereVolvo04.199704.1997YV31MA611VA0470379712VUP6481Percy's Travel of Oxford.
P320 VWRShearings & National HolidaysOn loan to National Holidays by Wallace Arnold
Various carriersWallace Arnold
MXI 2709Various carriersSetra S415GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213123108005Maxfield's of Aughton, Sheffield
17NH09 JRHShearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays of Wigan
685 CLCCrawley Luxury CoachesSetra S415GT-HD04.201004.2010WKK63213123109589
2018 (?)
26NH10 BSHShearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays of Wigan.
104BK09 RMXShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423107988Shearings of Wigan
108BK09 RNEShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423108007Shearings of Wigan
SO58 NDSVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423107913Sounds Travel of Rochdale
113BN09 FXCShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
115BN09 FXDShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423107932Shearings of Wigan
LUI 8402Various carriersSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423107945Mervyn's Coaches of Winchester
117BN09 FXFShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
126BK09 LURShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423107979Shearings Holidays of Wigan
127BK09 LUTShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423108019Shearings of Wigan
129BK09 LUZShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD200905.2009WKK63213423108029Shearings of Wigan
BU18 YSXHappy Al'sMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M/2 16 RHD-2Mercedes-Benz201806.2018WEB41055523001292Happy Al's of Birkenhead
144Shearings & National Holidays
160BU18 YTPShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz New Tourismo M/2 16 RHD-206.201806.2018WEB41055523001326Shearings Holidays of Wigan
203BK10 EJDShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201005.2010WKK63213423109803Shearings of Wigan
208BK10 EJLShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201005.2010WKK63213423109832Shearings of Wigan
WCZ 2435Various carriersVan Hool T8 AlizéeVolvo199201.1992YV31MGD18MA02759630903Lewis Coaches, Coventry
316 UVXRichmond's Coaches
208J208 NNCShearings & National Holidays
209BK10 EJNShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201005.2010WKK63213423109841Shearings of Wigan
HEK 965Various carriersSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109619Elgar Coaches of Worcester
BF10 VCCRothbury Motors
212Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
S17 WKNVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109620WKN Coaches of Yalding, Kent
213BF10 VCDShearings & National Holidays
W214 JBNBerry's CoachesVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo200004.2000YV31MA619YC06138733574Berry's Coaches of Taunton
Various carriersKiddles Coaches of Cambridgeshire
214Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
220BF10 VCNShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109707Shearings of Wigan
Y29 TAWVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109708Taw & Torridge Coaches of Devon
BF10 VCORothbury Motors
221Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BF10 VCTVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109736Access Travel of Farningham, Kent
223Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BF10 VCVVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD04.201004.2010WKK63213423109738Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
225Shearings & National Holidays
228BF10 VCYShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109759
BF10 VDAVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201004.2010WKK63213423109772Britannia (Carline) of Hitchin, Hertfordshire
230Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
237BV69 LLZShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz New Tourismo M/2 16 RHD-2Mercedes-Benz11.201911.2019 WEB41055523001744Shearings Holidays of Wigan
305BK11 GJOShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111543Shearings of Wigan
308BK11 GJXShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111554Shearings of Wigan
309BK11 GJYShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111562Shearings of Wigan
BK11 COAVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111340Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
311Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BK11 CPFVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111408Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
316Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
319BK11 CPUShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111474Shearings of Wigan
321BK11 CPXShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111476Shearings of Wigan
BK11 CRFVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111496Gwyn Jones of Bryncethin, South Wales
324Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
325BK11 CRJShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111508Shearings of Wigan
M111 AKXVarious carriersSetra S416GT-HD201104.2011WKK63213423111533Ken Miller Travel of Walsall, Birmingham
330BK11 CSFShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
360NH11 MTHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD201103.2011WKK63213123111333National Holidays of Wigan
TJZ 3881Various carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo03.200203.2002YV3R9H4191A00022133669MD Coaches, Tandragee, Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland
Newcastle Coach Hire, Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.
403MV02 UMCShearings & National HolidaysNational Holidays
MV02 ULRVarious carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo200203.2002YV3R9H4162A00028833692Forest Travel of Nottingham
426Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
TIL 8198Various carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo200203.2002YV3R9F8182A00031033699Ridleys of Leamington
Paul's of Stoke
433Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
477NH63 HYHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213123115334National Holidays of Wigan.
1092 ADVarious carriersVan Hool T8 AlizéeVolvo199303.1993YV31MGD17NA03050730970JR Holyhead of Willenhall, West Midlands
Davis of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
483K483 VVRShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
488NH14 LBHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD03.201403.2014WKK63213123115345National Holidays of Wigan.
492NH14 PBHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD201403.2014WKK63213123115349
513BU13 ZTEShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201303.2013WKK63213423114599Shearings Holidays of Wigan
516BU13 ZTHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201303.2013WKK63213423114620Shearings of Wigan
518BU13 ZTKShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD03.201303.2013WKK63213423114630
520BU13 ZTMShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201303.2013WKK63213423114637Shearings of Wigan
531NH13 BWHShearings & National HolidaysSetra S415GT-HD03.201303.2013WKK63213123114562114562National Holidays
MX04 AFNVarious carriersPlaxton PantherVolvo200404.2004YV3R9F8164A0117620412TJL55141st Call Travel of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
625Shearings & National Holidays
631BX63 BFAShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213423115586Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
632BG63 VVNShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201401.2014WKK63213423115351Shearings of Wigan
635BT63 GCUShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD01.201401.2014WKK63213423115354Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
642BT63 GDFShearings & National HolidaysSetra S416GT-HD201401.2014WKK63213423115361Shearings of Wigan
W643 FUMVarious carriersPlaxton PremiereVolvo200003.2000YV31MA611YA0518530012VUP0638Britannia Coaches, Hitchin
Southgate & Finchley Coaches
643Shearings & National Holidays
Various carriersWallace Arnold
MX05 AHUVarious carriersPlaxton PantherVolvo200503.2005YV3R9G1265A1031390512TJL5801Principality Travel
APEC Executive Travel of Cowbridge
722Shearings & National HolidaysShearings Holidays of Wigan
733BN15 WXVShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63247523000428Shearings of Wigan.
735BN15 WXXShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63247523000430Shearings of Wigan
736BN15 WXYShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63247523000431Shearings of Wigan
738BN15 WYAShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63247523000433Shearings of Wigan
739BN15 WYBShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63247523000434Shearings of Wigan
744BF15 XPVShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD03.201505.2015WEB63247523000439
764NH15 EDHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63241523000404
767NH15 HDHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63241523000407
776NH15 BCHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63241523000393National Holidays of Wigan.
778NH15 DCHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz201503.2015WEB63241523000395National Holidays of Wigan
779NH15 ECHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15 RHDMercedes-Benz03.201503.2015WEB63241523000396National Holidays of Wigan
MX06 AKOVarious carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo200603.2006YV3R9G1205A10782033982Andrews Coaches of Scalloway, Shetland Isles
802Shearings & National HolidaysShearings Holidays of Wigan
855BJ16 KXNShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD201605.2016WEB63247523000736
R904 YBAVarious carriersVan Hool T9 AlizéeVolvo199804.1998YV31MA614WC06070933424Rayners of Durham
M800 RSWWaterson of Henworth
9210 AD
R904 YBAArctic Brook of South Mimms
904Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
911BN17 JTUShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD04.201704.2017WEB63247523000981Shearings Holidays of Wigan
918BN17 JUEShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHD05.201705.2017WEB63247523000988
920BN17 JUHShearings & National HolidaysMercedes-Benz Tourismo II M 16 RHDMercedes-Benz05.201705.2017WEB63247523001012Shearings Holidays of Wigan
R944 YNFArleenJonckheere Mistral 70Volvo05.199805.1998YV31MA616WC06079224707Arleen Coaches of Peasedown St. John, Bath
Various carriersAxe Vale Coaches
944Shearings & National Holidays
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