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Sea View Coaches
United Kingdom
Open: 1965  ·  Closed: 04.2020
Fleet numberReg. plateCarrierModelChassisBuiltFirst registeredVINBody numberAdditional info
120MF11 LVDSea View CoachesNeoplan Tourliner25.05.201001.04.2011WAGP21ZZ6AT015828P211168Sea View Coaches of Parkstone, Dorset
120OU17 OTYSea View CoachesNeoplan Tourliner04.201704.2017WAGP21ZZ2GT024616P212168Sea View Coaches of Poole
PSV 522Various carriersBeulas CygnusMAN200801.2008WMAR33ZZ07C00953607048Slacks of Matlock
122Sea View CoachesSea View Coaches of Parkstone, Poole
126PK63 BUFSea View CoachesNeoplan Tourliner12.201312.2013WAGP20ZZ6DT019831P200183Sea View Coaches of Poole
127PK62 VUDSea View CoachesNeoplan Starliner01.201301.2013WAGP11ZZ5C5002126P110329Sea View Coaches of Poole
132MF12 HGLSea View CoachesNeoplan Tourliner24.08.201129.03.2012WAGP20ZZ5CT017535P200022Sea View Coaches of Parkstone, Dorset
136WJ16 KCESea View CoachesBeulas CygnusMAN201604.2016WMARR2ZZ6GC02135815111Sea View Coaches of Poole
137PK62 VUCSea View CoachesNeoplan Tourliner25.09.201208.01.2013WAGP20ZZ7DT019076P200117Sea View Coaches of Poole
PO63 FNAHolmeswood CoachesNeoplan Tourliner201309.2013WAGP20ZZXCT018843P200143Holmeswood of Lancashire
139Sea View CoachesSea View Coaches of Parkstone, Poole
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