Photo upload and selection process

The main purpose of the Site the is to create an illustrated worldwide bus and coach gallery with database. 

Optimal picture sizes are 1200x800 pixels up to 800 KB or 1400x933 pixels up to 800KB depending on camera resolution.
The minimal 800x500 pixel and 200KB size is an exception for rare, historical and exclusive photos.

When uploading an image, the author should choose or create database entry/gallery which reflects main vehicle or object on the photo.
If the photo depicts several vehicles, most full visible body should be linked as main vehicle. Partially visible vehicles don't need to be linked.

The "Place of shot" field should be filled out in Country>City>Street format.
We keep it simple. If there is no street, add:

Bright and evenly lighted photos are welcome.
Vehicles and objects shouldn't be overshadowed.
Vehicles shouldn't have any obstacles
The horizon line should be level.
Distortions from a great focal distance (zoom) or a wide angle are highly undesirable.
There shouldn't be too much land or sky on the image.
The photos should be neither overexposed nor too dark.
The picture should have reasonable contrast and be free from smudges (dust spots), digital noise or grain.
The photo should not be over sharpened as may cause jagged lines and more noise.
The colour, contrast and saturation should be as close to natural as possible.

Under no conditions do we accept :

Photos refused by moderator review will usually be given a reason or reasons why, if the author can fix the problems with photoshop or similar process the author can re submit the photo for reconsideration.

There is a limit on the number of photos that can be submitted of ‘one vehicle’ unless there is reasonable visual change to it such as modification, repaint, change of advert or overhaul.
If there is no visual change a period of 6 months for a similar photo (same side) must be allowed.

Photos of Bus stops, stations and depots and other landscape photos with no vehicle are acceptable on a limited basis and must be of a high quality.

Historic, archive, exclusive and photos of special interest will be judged on merit but allowance will be made for their value to the site and a reduced quality may be accepted.

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