Uploading Index - What, why and how?

Even we are simple transport gallery, we aim to be enjoyable for all visitors. Therefore we have Uploading index.

Every uploaded or rejected photo changing index in following way:

- Approval of 1 photo adds 0.5 points to the Uploading Index;
- Rejection of 1 photo when uploaded via Regular Upload queue takes 0.5 points off the Uploading Index;
- Rejection of 1 photo when publishing a photo via Instant publishing takes 5 points off the Uploading Index;
- Provisional publication adds 0.2 points to the Uploading Index, but only until user receives unlimited uploads;
- Photo deletion within a day after publication is equivalent to a rejection. Removes 1 point (-0.5 points for rejection and -0.5 accrued for publication).
If the photo has been on the site for more than a day, deletion does not affect the Uploading Index.

If the upload index is 40 or less, there is a daily limit on the number of photos that the author can offer for publication, equal to the index (rounding down).

Index values:

1 - We call it Sanctions. Only upload violators get this. Upload limit is 1 photo per day, in order to prevent uploading deliberately bad and inappropriate photos with intent.
5 - Value for all newly registered users. Can upload 5 photos per day.
40 - Point where daily limit is automatically removed. Photos are still checked by Photo screeners.
80 - Here you get Instant upload, bypassing Moderation queue. Photos are checked from time to time, in order to see possible violations or errors.
100 - Maximum value of the index. User is trusted. Index will not grow above this value. No upload limits or post moderation*.

*Please note: The Administrator or photo screeners may switch to unlimited instant upload for a user immediately if it is seen that the user is uploading good quality photos. 
If a user violates 'instant upload' with bad quality, unrelated or inappropriate photos with intent then an administrator can immediately return the user back to moderation or daily limit without notification.

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