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Shearings & National Holidays
United Kingdom
Open: 1919  ·  Closed: 05.2020
Shearings Coaches; Grand Tourer & National Holidays brands
Fleet numberReg. plateCarrierBuiltFirst registeredVINAdditional info
104BK09 RMXShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423107988Shearings of Wigan
108BK09 RNEShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423108007Shearings of Wigan
SO58 NDSVarious carriers200905.2009WKK63213423107913Sounds Travel of Rochdale
113BN09 FXCShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
115BN09 FXDShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423107932Shearings of Wigan
LUI 8402Various carriers200905.2009WKK63213423107945Mervyn's Coaches of Winchester
117BN09 FXFShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
126BK09 LURShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423107979Shearings Holidays of Wigan
127BK09 LUTShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423108019Shearings of Wigan
129BK09 LUZShearings & National Holidays200905.2009WKK63213423108029Shearings of Wigan
203BK10 EJDShearings & National Holidays201005.2010WKK63213423109803Shearings of Wigan
208BK10 EJLShearings & National Holidays201005.2010WKK63213423109832Shearings of Wigan
209BK10 EJNShearings & National Holidays201005.2010WKK63213423109841Shearings of Wigan
HEK 965Various carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109619Elgar Coaches of Worcester
BF10 VCCRothbury Motors
212Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
S17 WKNVarious carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109620WKN Coaches of Yalding, Kent
213BF10 VCDShearings & National Holidays
BF10 VCMVarious carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109706Cresta Coaches of Bridgend, South Wales
219Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
220BF10 VCNShearings & National Holidays201004.2010WKK63213423109707Shearings of Wigan
Y29 TAWVarious carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109708Taw & Torridge Coaches of Devon
BF10 VCORothbury Motors
221Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BF10 VCTVarious carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109736Access Travel of Farningham, Kent
223Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BF10 VCVVarious carriers04.201004.2010WKK63213423109738Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
225Shearings & National Holidays
228BF10 VCYShearings & National Holidays201004.2010WKK63213423109759
BF10 VDAVarious carriers201004.2010WKK63213423109772Britannia (Carline) of Hitchin, Hertfordshire
230Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
305BK11 GJOShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111543Shearings of Wigan
308BK11 GJXShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111554Shearings of Wigan
309BK11 GJYShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111562Shearings of Wigan
BK11 COAVarious carriers201104.2011WKK63213423111340Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
311Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BK11 CPFVarious carriers201104.2011WKK63213423111408Cresta Coaches of Bridgend
316Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
319BK11 CPUShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111474Shearings of Wigan
320BK11 CPVShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111475Shearings of Wigan
321BK11 CPXShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111476Shearings of Wigan
OIG 2195Pencoed Travel201104.2011WKK63213423111495Pencoed Travel of Pencoed, Bridgend
323BK11 CPZShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
BK11 CRFVarious carriers201104.2011WKK63213423111496Gwyn Jones of Bryncethin, South Wales
324Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
325BK11 CRJShearings & National Holidays201104.2011WKK63213423111508Shearings of Wigan
BK11 CRZPencoed Travel201104.2011WKK63213423111532Pencoed Travel of Pencoed, Bridgend
329Shearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
M111 AKXVarious carriers201104.2011WKK63213423111533Ken Miller Travel of Walsall, Birmingham
330BK11 CSFShearings & National HolidaysShearings of Wigan
513BU13 ZTEShearings & National Holidays201303.2013WKK63213423114599Shearings Holidays of Wigan
516BU13 ZTHShearings & National Holidays201303.2013WKK63213423114620Shearings of Wigan
518BU13 ZTKShearings & National Holidays03.201303.2013WKK63213423114630
520BU13 ZTMShearings & National Holidays201303.2013WKK63213423114637Shearings of Wigan
631BX63 BFAShearings & National Holidays01.201401.2014WKK63213423115586Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
632BG63 VVNShearings & National Holidays201401.2014WKK63213423115351Shearings of Wigan
635BT63 GCUShearings & National Holidays01.201401.2014WKK63213423115354Shearings Holidays of Wigan.
637BT63 GCXShearings & National Holidays201401.2014WKK63213423115356Shearings of Wigan
642BT63 GDFShearings & National Holidays201401.2014WKK63213423115361Shearings of Wigan
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