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Sea View Coaches
United Kingdom
Open: 1965  ·  Closed: 04.2020
Fleet numberReg. plateCarrierBuiltFirst registeredVINBody numberAdditional info
120OU17 OTYSea View Coaches04.201704.2017WAGP21ZZ2GT024616P212168Sea View Coaches of Poole
120MF11 LVDSea View Coaches25.05.201001.04.2011WAGP21ZZ6AT015828P211168Sea View Coaches of Parkstone, Dorset
126PK63 BUFSea View Coaches12.201312.2013WAGP20ZZ6DT019831P200183Sea View Coaches of Poole
132MF12 HGLSea View Coaches24.08.201129.03.2012WAGP20ZZ5CT017535P200022Sea View Coaches of Parkstone, Dorset
137PK62 VUCSea View Coaches25.09.201208.01.2013WAGP20ZZ7DT019076P200117Sea View Coaches of Poole
PO63 FNAHolmeswood Coaches201309.2013WAGP20ZZXCT018843P200143Holmeswood of Lancashire
139Sea View CoachesSea View Coaches of Parkstone, Poole
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